Product Name = Dimethyl Terephthalate ( DMT ) 

  Formula : CH3OOC-C6H4-COOCH3  


 Appearance of Briquette   :  White , ( pillow- shaped) without odor of  secondary products  secondary products
 Empirical Formula :  C10 H10 O4
 Molecular Weight theoretical :              194.19 g/mol
 Melting Point :  140.63 ± 0.02 oC
 Purity :   More than 99.9% - as wt%
 Acid Number :  Max. 0.03 - mg KOH / gr of substance *
 Hazen colour :  Max. 10 ppm
 ASH Content :  Max. 10 ppm
 Iron Content- as Fe :  Max. 1 ppm
Total Absorbance :

 340nm,10 cm  cuvette

 Max.  50

*This corresponds to an acidity value of approximately 97 ppm as MMT ( Monomethyl. Terphthalate)  

 Product MSDS : MSDS-DMT


To facilitate transportation and unloading, by our clients, solid DMT is supplied in suitable packages with the following specification : Each DMT sack contains 1000 kg of DMT briquettes
in enclosed containers. Our product is supplied to various parts of the world , utilizing superior Packing techniques. Our favorable geography places in a situation to use every means of transport :air, sea and land