Fiber Intermediate Product company

Product DMT , DOTP , MEG, BME , Residue


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Opening date of solidification unit operation: July 1997 Contracting company for solidification unit: Italian Glage Company

product: Dimethyl Terephthalate (DMT) Required raw materials: mainly paraxylene and methanol, both of which can be supplied domestically. Production capacity: initially 60000 tons per year including 8,000 hours of operation and from 2004 onwards 90,000 tons per year Employment rate: about 300 people Bachelor of Technology Seller: Holz Germany (Noble Dynamite) Contracting company for design: Krupp Copper Company (Krupe Odeh) Germany

product :Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP)

The most important research of the Fiber Intermediate Product company (FIPCO)

Production of cobalt acetate as a catalyst for DMT production, Waste Water Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Reduction of sulfate and cobalt ions in factory effluent, Production of high purity BME, Reduction of energy consumption coefficients under the title of Six Sigma Committees, Reduction of consumption coefficients of paraxylene PX and MEOH raw materials under the title of Six Sigma Committees


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