FIPCO History

Fiber Intermediate  Product company (FIPCO) as one of the leading prducer of DMT . product in the middle-east has been  established in 1992.
The Dmt plant owned by FIPCO designed by Krup Vhde andKrupp Koppers and constructed on the license of Oxinova AG(Then Dynamit Nobel) , Germany.
Since our foundation , we have been solely  focused an improving development quality of DMT product by contribution of expert engineers and utillization of sophisticated systems.
During the company 's first decades , it 's DMT production (60000 tpy) exponded rapidly through new facilities and acquisition. In 2005,the capacity of the prodction approaches to 90000 annual capacity in order to meet the needs of customers including internal and external customer.
Some years later , a number of foreign production operations and strategic planning moved the company toward the regional innovation acquisition and the pilot DOTP production has launched in order to expanded FIPCO 's footprint in iran and middle-east and also made this company a wellknown chemical producer in Iran.
About 25 years after its founding ,FIPCO still holds to its worker's effort and talented staff bringirg difficulties to the surface to offer customers it 's in a wide range of markets.
Fiber Intermediate Products Company